Metaphors As a Songwriting Tool

Ricoeur strains the evolution of the metaphor from Hellenic Greece. He mentions Aristotle as the founder of the metaphor. In Greece, the metaphor turned into utilized in poetry, mainly tragic poetry. The metaphor become a trendy a part of rhetoric. Metaphor consistent with Ricoeur functioned as an decoration of language. Metaphor went via numerous adjustments throughout diverse ancient epochs.

In the Hellenic length, metaphor become a vehicle to pay libation to the Gods. This is obvious in Homeric hymns like the Iliad and the Odyssey. The metaphor turned into sheer poetry. The aesthetics of the metaphor became non secular and allegorical. Thus we have Plato’s famous metaphor the cave which explains the concept of paperwork. People had been in darkish cave which turned into enclosed through a wall and they may see light out of doors. For Plato it intended that there was an excellent international beyond the bodily global. Forms fashioned the ideality of the arena

During the Renaissance technology: metaphor underwent a transition. Metaphor became associated with the philosophy of romance. Thus we’ve got the courtly love of the troubadours. Poets used metaphors to sanctify romantic love. Metaphor became a sensual earthly car of salaciousness. Thus we have a famous verse which says: drift plentiful move into my loins and saturate me to a cathartic ecstasy.

In the cutting-edge and postmodern duration metaphors list metaphor underwent drastic changes. Metaphor became a discourse of ideology. Metaphor have become rooted in disciplines like semantics, sociology, psychology, philosophy and psychiatry.

In Sociology we’ve Alvin Toffler’s well-known work: The Third Wave in which he characterizes civilization as metaphor of waves. The first wave changed into the agricultural civilization. The 2nd wave became the economic civilization and third wave became the technological society. For Toffler these waves are still evolving.

Let’s study the position of the metaphor in postmodern philosophy. Post current philosophy is characterized by the writing of metaphors. Texts are facilities of privilege and marginalization. Postmodernism dissects texts and opens centers to play of that means. Being is a metaphor for becoming. The white theology of the sector have become dissected into a metaphor of nihilism and nullification. Speech is Adam and Eve in innocence writing is the fleshy tree of right and evil; writing is sin. Being contextualizes into an ontological structure of recognition. For postmodernism the Diaspora of the mind is left inside the exile of the desolate tract. Values fragment right into a nihilism of chaotic anarchy.

In psychoanalysis dream symbols are metaphoric. Jacques Lacan said that each one dreams are manifested in language. We have Roman Jacobson who analyzed the metaphor and the metonymy. According to Freud a dream can suggest condensation or displacement. A condensed dream is the manifestation of fact going through the dream. Displacement in dreams is an escapism from reality. For Jacques Lacan the psychoanalyst: metaphor turned into condensation and is at the paradigmatic axis. Metonymy however became displacement and at the syntagmatic axis.

Metaphors As a Songwriting Tool
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