Saint Hubert Medal of Honor – Are You Up to the Challenge?

Buffalo soldiers that came back from fighting fascists and krauts in Italy during World War II did not get any honorable mention. They were Negroes; what the white man said, the black man followed. Most of the buffalo soldiers really thought they were fighting a  white’s man St. Hubert Medallion war. Most of the buffalo soldiers fought just to get home and receive their salary. Yet the American rednecks and even the Italians fought for Good ol’ America and for Madre Italia. The allies, the Germans, the fascists and the citizens all together scrambled for who was the best survivor; treating the enemy like an animal, like a lifeless dummy. And they were the ones who achieved the purple cross and the iron heart medals, that was if they came back home.

Curious enough, we humans have Saint Hubert a different perspective on honor, duty and pride. Well, only a few of us homosapiens really know the definition of any of these three words. It’s not about how bloodthirsty you are if you’re sent to war. It’s not about what you did before you’re being sent into the oblivion by a blasting eighty-eight mortar. It’s not even how you feel for the God blessed Country you could be living in right now. Not even I have the answer for it; I’m no oracle that can tell the answer whenever asked. If you seek some “instant” solutions to your so-called problems, pick up he phone and dial the “Dr. Phil Call Center” to see if they can help you.

Other people write about self-esteem, self-motivation and even offer religious coaching. But then again you are reading about buffalo soldiers, war, and ideals. Yet you still have the motivation to keep reading; you have the guts to find out what is this stuff about. Many would charge for telling you a secret. Others would compromise you for hearing the secret. Others would give you a discount for buying “The Secret”. But the reality is you can’t just wish for a diamond ring if you’re overdue on rent payment. Focus people. Priorities first, always; otherwise you’ll end up with you bags on the road. It’s perfectly OK to dream, to think the sky’s the limit, all the very nice thoughts anyone can come up with. Right now, at this precise moment, have you achieved some or any of those dreams? Naw, I’m too fat to be a NFL football player.

It is incredible how people make their Saint Hubert own obstacles and then complain why they can’t be a successful person. If it’s not because they’re to fat, it’s because they’re too lazy, too depressed, too sad, too tired; all the too anything that exist in our language. Against popular culture, it doesn’t really matter if you have the biggest belly or the slowest mind. There is only one thing that makes successful persons successful. They pounce on their objective. They go for it. They say yes to every opportunity that comes to them. A random guy that knew how to play a one string guitar and had a tailor for a mother took a chance in his life. Who is he today? Slash from Gun’s and Roses. For other good testimonies, go find it on

Got a new job offer and it takes you more time to drive there than to the workplace you actually have? Quit the one you have and apply to the other one. Don’t sacrifice an opportunity that could lead you to an endless sea of fates. What if you were aching for a girlfriend and you refused to attend to the state fair with the sexy neighbor just because your mama has a grunge on the neighbor’s father? What if she was the one? Missed that one right? Stop being an existentialist. Go outside dressed as Pac-Man and let the newsman film you. Go and mow the old neighbor’s lawn without him saying thanks. Just like the VISA commercial: GO. Let the stone be the stone. Let the tree always be the tree.


Saint Hubert Medal of Honor – Are You Up to the Challenge?
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