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Visiting Anguilla can be a lifetime experience if you prepare well for this trip and contact local travel agents in Anguilla to request a tour offer which would cover all essential trip elements.

Anguilla is a coral island in the Caribbean Sea. 미국배송대행 The dominant vegetation of the island is shrubbery. Anguilla has many lagoons with sandy beaches. There are many small islands and reefs near the coast, and they are usually uninhabited. The average annual temperature is seldom lower than 27 degrees Celsius.

Every tourist will find it useful to know that Anguilla is a heavenly place to relax. The island, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, is a part of the Lesser Antilles. It is famous for turquoise lagoons and bays with beaches sheltered by coral reefs.

If you are interested in the history of the island, it has been rather turbulent. The island was originally inhabited by the Arawaks, and then it was inhabited by the Spaniards. All local residents, as it was usual in those times, became slaves.

Due to the fact that the island of Anguilla is a coral island with poor soils, the Spanish interest in it was not a special one. After the Spaniards, the island became a British colony. The residents were engaged in the cultivation of tobacco and cotton, but the income from this activity was trivial.

In 1967, Anguilla, Nevis and St. Kitts were united in the Federation and became associated with the UK government. Like all small states, Anguilla tried to become independent, but all the attempts have been suppressed.

Today it is the overseas ownership of the UK. Having survived so many conquerors, the island is famous for its great variety of religious cultures and ethnic groups. Valley is the capital and only city in Anguilla. A few old buildings and alleys, that is all what is in this small town. The oldest church is Wallblake House. The peculiarity of this structure is the gable decorated as the ship. There is also the National Trust Museum, whose collections are constantly updated. It is necessary to visit the fishing village of Island Harbor. It is marked by the identity and commitment to the simple ways of fishing. Everyone can take part in this simple craft. The natives of the Arawaks have left a wonderful hieroglyphics on the rocks and in caves, and they are worth seeing.

But how can one relax in Anguilla, except the suggested cultural program? The island is considered an elite resort of the same level as the resorts of the Cote d’Azur in France. Excellent service and exclusive conditions for attracting famous people make the island a well-known destination. Anguilla is very popular with sailors, since the boundless sea is a great place to participate in the sailing regatta. Large regattas are held during the first week of August, during the Carnival or summer festival. And of course, the sea around Anguilla cannot be imagined without diving, windsurfing and other sports. Here one can view the coral reefs with just a pipe and a mask.


Your Customers Care About Shipping
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